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About me

How It All Started

I first started taking pictures in 2011 with a simple point and shoot Canon PowerShot SX230 HS. Some years later I had the chance to take the Canon EOS 70D of my father with me to Peru. That was my first experience with a DSLR. At the moment I am shooting with the Sony a7 II.

Like the most people nowadays I have teached myself by watching lots of tutorials of how to take pictures. Benjamin Jaworskyj and Kai W from DigitalRev TV were the ones at the very beginning of my journey and of course there are big influencers at the moment that I am looking up to, like Jared Polin, Mads Peter Iversen and Gavin Hardcastle!

In general I love to take photos of landscapes and architecture. What I don't like is having people in my pictures. That is why this website is called - lonely landscape -

Hope you enjoy them!

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